Best Comic Book Movies of All-Time

There is no doubt that comic books have taken over the box office. Every year there are more and more films based on comic books. There are many reasons for their popularity, but one thing is certain, these movies are hits. This is why it is helpful to know some of the best comic book movies ever created. Make sure to program your DVR so you don’t miss these films the next time they are on TV. Check out Direct Select TV for some great options for new subscriptions to DirecTV who currently has the best DVR on the market with the Genie.

1. The Dark Knight

This is based on the Dark Knight Batman series, which is darker than many of the other Batman comic series that have been released. While many people love the entire Dark Knight series, the second is the best. This is best known as Heath Ledger's last movie (though he was also in the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus after this). The plot of the movie is amazing as well as the acting. It is honestly hard to pick out a standout scene in the movie, as any scene with the Joker in it was extraordinary. The actors nailed their characters down to the smallest details, which is what has made this the best comic book movie of all time.

2. Sin City

This comic book series was written by Frank Miller, who was known for his use of black and white with sporadic red to tie in a theme or drive home a point in the comics. This movie was amazing because it kept so close to the comics, even in the color scheme. The story line was also able to tie together 3 different character plots that end up coming together. With this, it is also nice to see a comic book movie that does not leave an open ending for a sequel, but let the movie stand on its own.

3. The Avengers

This movie has some of the best special effects of any movie ever made, which is part of what has made it a success. The much anticipated movie that brings together some of the best known superheroes to form the Avengers more than met the expectations of fans of the comic franchise. The 3D version of this movie helped to make it take on a new life that brought the action of the comics right into your world. The casting on this movie was fantastic, from Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man to Tom Hiddleston as the evil and loveable Loki.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This is a quirkier comic book movie than what most people are used to, but is significant in its own way. It was able to seem like a comic book throughout without being overdone and campy. One of the best parts of this movie is the league of evil exes fights, which essentially turn into video game fights, which is a cool twist that has never been seen before in movies. While this movie is aimed at teens and young adults, it can be appreciated by just about anyone that loves comics.

5. Kick Ass

One of the things many people loved about this movie is that it is relatable. It is about a boy who is tired of being bullied and decides to become his own superhero. You watch him struggle to make a difference. The nice thing is that he does not start off strong and you actually see him fail at first. In the end though, you are able to see him get the success as a hero he desired.